Printing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not asking us to print the newest prints, revisions, masks and other items?

Our vision is simple, provide the BEST protection possible, regardless of speed or cost, BEST is what you’d want for your daughter or son, mom or dad who’s a front line medical professional.  And if you’re here, it’s because you’re an enthusiastic innovator ready with both hands to jump in and help and that makes you amazing!! We know there are new designs coming out daily, and you want to print only the newest and best – but are newest and best the same?  Of course not, who’s had a ring of death on an xbox? Or had a new device that didn’t work right until the 12th firmware release? Newest isn’t always the best.

So how do we determine what is the best? You guessed it, medical professionals tell us what’s the best – they are after all, the one’s using it.  We print a limited number of a new design after having a brief technical discussion, then we put it in the field – and the nurses and doctors tell us Yes or No. And the cycle continues, review new designs, print limited runs and send them to specific medical professionals who give us immediate feedback! We do it over and over again.So why do we ask that you print only specific versions?  Because it’s what the medical professionals said works. And by printing only those versions, you’re giving only the BEST device possible.  And check back often, we revise what’s being printed often based on feedback, we’ll be asking you to print new designs when we find something medical professionals think is better.